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How to Monetize Your Videos Using Vidzers

  1. Register On Vidzers App

    Register your YouTube channel on Vidzers App. Vidzers will collect the data about your content and audience to find most appropriate advt campaigns for you.

  2. Enroll in Advertisement Campaigns

    Vidzers will list the advertisement campaigns available on the platform . You can enroll in any number of campaigns of your choosing.

  3. Work with Advertisers

    Submit your campaign plans, story boards to the advertisers and negotiate with them to finalize the payment and the terms and conditions of the campaign.

  4. Publish Branded Video

    Publish the campaign videos on the social media channels. Videzers App will track the performance of the branded video contents and provide reports to the advertisers and content creators.

  5. Get Paid

    Vidzers enables the advertisers to monitor the performance of the campaign videos and approve the payment to the content creators. Vidzers ensures that content creators are paid on time by the advertisers.

Awesome Features

For Content Creators

Enhanced Content Monetization

Pooling multiple low view contents in a sweepstake campaign enable content creators win big money even when view counts are low.

Automated Video Branding

Vidzers does the work needs to add the Branding to the videos to save you from the trouble of finding brands and adding their branded content.

Exciting Prizes

Win exciting prices with out affecting your existing revenue streams from other advertisement channels like Google Ads.

For Advertisers

Low Cost Advertisements

Brands gets access to cost effective advertisements using sweepstakes. Sweepstakes used millions of unpaid views for showing advertisements there by lowering the cost per view for the Brands.

AI Based Content-Brand Matching

Vidzers uses AI to match the video content with the Brands using brand attributes.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Detailed performance reporting enables Brands to evaluate the ROI from their campaigns.

Start Monetizing Your Content

Get more out of your video content with integrated advertisements. Participate in advertisement sweepstakes and win exciting prices.

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